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U of L helping students with annual 'Giving Tuesday' campaign

The University of Lethbridge is giving back to students with its annual Giving Tuesday campaign. The University of Lethbridge is giving back to students with its annual Giving Tuesday campaign.

The University of Lethbridge is hoping to give back to students as part of its annual “Giving Tuesday” campaign.

Giving Tuesday is a movement to promote charitable donations that has been running since 2012.

It takes place on the Tuesday following American Thanksgiving after many have done their holiday shopping on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

“I think Giving Tuesday’s a really good time for the community to re-focus. It came about as a response to Black Friday and Cyber Monday,” said Charleen Davidson, the executive director of the Community Foundation of Lethbridge and Southwestern Alberta.

“And it's really about focusing back on the community, giving to the community. Setting aside a specific day to think about the community and how you might be able to support those needs.”

While not a charity, the University of Lethbridge has been holding its own Giving Tuesday campaign since 2018.

Its campaign is meant to give back to students, by giving them a free breakfast coupon ahead of exam season.

“This is a way to contribute a few dollars and buy [students] a free breakfast and encourage them to finish the semester strong. And so it's a really wonderful opportunity to let them all know we're here for them,” U of L vice provost of students, Kathleen Massey, said.

This year’s Giving Tuesday holds particular importance to some groups.

As the cost of living has gone up, charitable donations have gone down, leaving some in the non-profit sector in desperate need of support.

“Up to 24 per cent of Albertans have stopped eating three meals a day or are cutting back on food so they can pay their bills and afford to live. So supporting a charity, if anyone's in a position to support the charitable sector, now's a fantastic day to do that,” Davidson said.

While charitable donations may be down there's still some optimism.

The U of L is hopeful it will pass last year's total of $6,000.

“What we want to be sure of is that we set our students up for success. And that includes ensuring we provide these types of opportunities for them,” Massey said.

Donations to the U of L Giving Tuesday campaign can be made throughout the week. Top Stories

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