A Calgary man who is running for the UCP nomination for a local riding is in the hot seat for some controversial activity he’s taken part in on social media.

Randy Kerr, who hopes to be elected as the UCP candidate for Calgary-Beddington, made a number of posts this week that call into question the scientifically accepted idea of climate change, even calling it a ‘hoax’ at one point in the argument.

The NDP government was quick to react to the statements, saying that Kerr’s comments are wrong and fly in the face of science.

The government has also demanded UCP leader Jason Kenney to take action about the comments.

“There is consensus that human activity and greenhouse gases cause climate change. It is caused by climate activity and here is the UCP and its leader Jason Kenney who is not sure climate change is real or not. The discussion we should be having is how we address climate change,” said Ifran Sabir, the NDP MLA for Calgary-McCall.

Kerr has since released an e-mail statement, saying that he believes climate change is real and he shares a number of posts from both sides because he has a keen interest in the subject.

The UCP could not be reached for comment.

(With files from Kevin Green)