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University of Calgary receives 'game-changing' donation


The University of Calgary says a $20-million donation from the Taylor Family Foundation will transform its kinesiology department into a world-class research facility.

The money will go towards a new building and refurbishing the Kinesiology B building.

It will be the new home for the human performance lab, which focuses on mobility and longevity. There will also be hundreds of pieces of new equipment including multiphoton microscopes, motion-capture systems and instrumented treadmills.

In a statement, Dr. Ed McCauley, the university’s president, says this initiative will “take UCalgary from one of the top sport science schools in in North America to an international leader, with a state-of-the-art research facility that will enable revolutionary advancements in exercise physiology, neuroscience, nutrition and more.“

The boost in the kinesiology department’s reputation is also expected to attract top teachers and researchers, as well as increase enrolment in its undergraduate program.

“We are set to be a global leader for decades to come with this new facility. Building upon our world-renowned excellence, we look forward to preparing more leaders in research and industry – and accelerating collaborations with leading companies around the world,” said Dr. Nick Holt, the dean of the faculty of kinesiology, in a news release.

The Taylor Family Foundation was established in 2011.

It’s named after founder Don Taylor who ran Engineered Air and is a well-known philanthropist.

Over the years, the Taylor Family has contributed more than $100 million to the University of Calgary.

This $20-million donation makes the family the largest individual donor to the University of Calgary. Top Stories

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