CALGARY — Eco-friendly Christmas decorations and recycled couture installations at Lougheed house are now open for all to see.

Eight Calgary interior designers were challenged to adorn the historic halls of one Alberta’s oldest Victorian mansions.

Designers used old scarves and sweaters, vintage furniture and even dried orange slices to bring the holiday season to life in some of the 20 rooms of the historic home.

Lougheed House Christmas 2019

Holleay Rohm with the Lougheed House said the design took three full days of installation and many more weeks in preparation.

Rohm said all the designers were keen to take up the eco-friendly challenge.

“When you come through our spaces you’ll find things that they’ve either up-cycled or thrifted, they’ve repurposed and used materials in unique ways,” she said.

The public can see Lougheed House’s 2019 Christmas decor from Nov. 20 to Jan. 5, 2020.

Lougheed House Christmas 2019

Rohm said there are also some special Christmas programs coming up.

“We have a real Santa sleigh downstairs that Santa will be sitting in during some of our programs,” she said.

A full list of the Lougheed House Christmas programs can be found on their website.