Lukas Wilgosh is the captain of Webber Academy's senior varsity basketball team and, according to his coach and the box scores, one of the best guards in the city.

“He's just rising to a whole new level,” says Joel Chalifoux, director of athletics at Webber Academy.  “It’s not often you get to see a player like that.  I tell my friends ‘you have to get out and see this kid’.  I've played basketball my whole life and I was fortunate enough to play provincial basketball and some pretty high caliber teams and I would have just loved to have played with a kid like Lukasin high school.”

“It’s all hustle,” says Lukas.  “I mean you don't have to be the most skilled guy out there to do your best you just have to work the hardest. There's so many different aspects that you can master.  You can be good at dribbling, on shooting, and on defence.  There so many things you can work on.”

Lukas’ work ethic is a major factor in his success on the court.  This year, Lukas is averaging 32 points, 10 assists and 6 steals per game.

It’s his unselfishness that makes this honours student a coaches dream.

“I'm most proud of my passing and my ability to get others involved in the offense,” says Lukas.  “I take pride on defence.”

“The way he thinks the game, the way he moves and reads plays,” says coach Chalifoux, “he's getting eight steals but he's also creating situations where his teammates are getting steals.  We play a very aggressive defense because we're a small team so we have to move and we have to be able to cover ground.”

“We're doing pretty well thus far.”

The Wildcats will miss Lukas when he graduates this year after an impressive academic and athletic career at Webber.

“I'd love to play at a CIS school,” says Lukas.  “That’s my ultimate goal, but we'll see where it takes me right.  It’s meant a great deal to my family and me because we all take such pride in being a leader and being a role model for other people.”

Lukas Wilgosh is the CTV Athlete of the Week sponsored by Big Chief Beef Jerky.