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Wind, snow and winter set to return to Calgary for weekend


Friday came with a high of 11 C and lots of sun…don’t expect that tomorrow.

The high tomorrow will be 0 but that will be before 6 a.m. Most of the day will be -2 C with a wind chill of -8 (quite different than Friday). We will also be gusty (NE 40 km/h at times) and pick up a couple centimetres of snow.

Temperatures will be cooler this weekend in Calgary

There are two waves of snow. heading our way The first on Saturday, and the second Saturday night through Monday. Here is the breakdown of snowfall to expect in Calgary:

Snow is expected Saturday and Sunday for Calgary

Temperatures will be all over the place these next five days. Normal temps on Saturday, then warm again Sunday.

Believe it or not, we haven’t had temperatures dip into the minus double digits the entire month of February…Mother Nature will make sure she sneaks it into the last week of the month.

Expect a two-day burst of frigid weather for Monday and Tuesday before things return to seasonal norms Wednesday.

The cold snap will last until mid-week

Pic of the day showing the wind blowing snow off the mountains, taken by Brian Rushfeldt.

Our pic of the day from Brian Rushfeldt Top Stories

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