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Windy conditions and tricky terrain challenge firefighters battling large grass fire


Firefighters responded to a large grass fire Saturday night in Fish Creek Park, just south of the southeast community of Parkland.

The flames were spotted around 7 p.m. and because the fire was down in a valley it was a bit difficult for fire crews to get to it.

“Fortunately we have some specialized equipment for small pickups and things to get down there and get access to the fire,” says Acting District Chief Dan Sowerby.

The fire was about the size of a football field and the high winds Saturday night also moved the fire quite quickly, Sawerby said.

“This was a tricky fire just because of the terrain, getting access down into the park,” he added.

“Fortunately we had a lot of rain in the last few days and that made it a little easier on firefighters.”

The investigation into what sparked the fire is underway. Top Stories

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