An eye-catching addition to the grounds outside of the Acadia Recreation Complex is drawing curious onlookers, and repurposed bleach bottles, to a circular sheet of ice complete with eight protruding posts surrounding a hole cut in its centre.

The idea for the crokicurl rink, a combination of the sport of curling with the tabletop game of crokinole, was sparked by a similar, but much larger, rink constructed in Winnipeg.

“We had taken that idea and put it out on the (Acadia Community Association) Facebook page and, lo-and-behold, everybody wanted to give it a try,” said Keith Simmons, past-president of the Acadia Community Association. “We’re not getting out enough in the wintertime and I think it’s because there’s not enough cool things to do outside.”

Simmons says the association successfully applied for an ActivateYYC grant for projects that encourage Calgarians to be physically active and neighbourly. With the funding in hand, the 8 metre (26 foot) crokicurl rink came to fruition.

“We’ve got some lumber donated from Rona, got some posts off Kijiji, went to the dollar store and bought some bleach jugs, put down some water and we have a crockicurl surface and we’re ready to play,” said Simmons. “The grant was for $850 and I know we haven’t spent it all”

Crokicurl consists of two individuals, or teams, attempting to outscore their opponent while alternating attempts to either slide one of their eight rocks (or, in this case, repurposed beach bottle) to the button (the centre of the rink) or to remove an opponent’s rock. A complete list of rules has been posted next to the crokicurl rink in Acadia.

Simmons says he’s impressed with how the rink turned out. “The action’s great. The rocks bounce the way they’re supposed to bounce. It’s not impossible to get a 20 but it’s challenging.” There is no charge to play at the Acadia rink and crokicurl can be played by almost anyone. 

Given the relatively inexpensive construction cost, he wouldn’t be surprised if crokicurl rinks start popping up in backyards around Calgary.

The grand opening of the association’s crokicurl rink is scheduled for Saturday, January 13 at 1:00 p.m at the Acadia Recreation Centre (240 90 Avenue S.E.).

With files from CTV's Alesia Fieldberg