The provincial government has released its list of all baby names selected in Alberta in 2016 and, while the frontrunners remained consistent with those of recent years, several unique names made their first appearance.

Of the 55,594 babies born in Alberta last year, the most common names were of little surprise to parents who have spent any amount of time at a playground.

“This year was another record year for births in Alberta and it speaks to a continuing baby boom, a baby boom that makes our province one of the youngest,” said Stephanie McLean, Minister of Service Alberta. “By the latest numbers, it looks like Alberta’s future is in the hands of many Olivias, Liams, Benjamins, Emmas and Lucases.”

For the third straight year, Olivia (292 baby girls) and Liam (277 baby boys) were the most popular names in the province.

Alberta’s top names for baby girls in 2016 Alberta’s top names for baby boys in 2016

Olivia 292

Liam 277

Emma 249

Benjamin 252

Sophia 215

Lucas 247

Ava 207

Oliver 230

Emily 187

Noah 228

Charlotte 180

William 213

Amelia 172

Ethan 205

Abigail 171

Jack 197

Chloe 166

Lincoln 192

Aria 166

Owen 189


Premier Notley says the annual list of top baby names is consistently one of the government’s most popular releases and serves as a valuable tool for those who are expecting.

“Not only is it interesting to see the names of all of Alberta’s newest little munchkins, it’s also a very helpful resource for expectant families,” said Notley. “If you’re stuck for a name, it’s a great way to see what’s out there and how popular names are.”

Service Alberta recorded near 14,000 unique baby names in the province in 2016 with some parents selecting names that are unlikely to chart on the most popular lists in the coming years.

Alberta welcomed children with names tied to popular culture including a HarleyQuinn (Batman villain), a Sailor-Arthur (a Black Adder reference?), a Riversong (Dr. Who) and a Stannis (Game of Thrones). Other unusual names appeared to be traits, Patience and Righteousness, or descriptions, Beautiful and Awesome.

The number of births in 2016 fell just short of Alberta’s record setting 2015 where 56,529 babies were welcomed into the world.

“I think the fact that we have so many young Albertans is one of many signs of our economic strength, said Notley. “What we’re starting to see already is that population shifts are moving back into Alberta’s favour. Fewer people are moving away as a result of the oil price slide and we, of course, continue to be a new growth province, even in the worst of economic times.”

According to the province, Alberta has an average age of 37.8 years, well below the national average of 41 years.

“I am very proud that Alberta continues to be the youngest and most educated province in the country,” added Notley.

During Friday’s baby name announcement, Premier Notley shared the news that Minister of Justice and Attorney General Kathleen Ganley and her husband would be expecting later this year. “From the very best that we can tell, Kathleen will be the first sitting Attorney General in Alberta’s history and in Canada’s history to give birth while in office.” Ganley offered no insight into whether her family would be welcoming the province’s second Zyron-Thunder.

To see the complete list of 2016 Alberta baby names, as well as all baby names recorded in the province since 1980, visit Service Alberta.