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Alberta man accused of starving cattle, selling uninspected meat


An Alberta livestock owner is facing charges after allegedly starving his cattle and selling their meat without having it inspected.

RCMP launched their investigation in November 2022 after complaints the Wheatland County resident was slaughtering sick and injured cattle, not disposing of the dead animals properly and selling uninspected meat.

"The sale of uninspected meat has potential to result in severe illness or death, as it has not been determined safe for human consumption," said RCMP in a Wednesday news release.

RCMP confirm name of the business is Crocus Coulee Livestock.

Crocus Coulee Livestock is a licensed on-farm slaughter plant from which beef, goat and lamb meat is delivered across the province.

The investigation found the man was causing unnecessary suffering to cattle by failing to adequately care for them or feed them.

"Officers gathered evidence of sick animals and of meat sales in contravention of Alberta Meat Inspection Regulation," said RCMP.

On Feb. 21, officers entered the property with Alberta Agriculture and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, at which time they witnessed employees on site actively slaughtering cattle.

A search of the farm found 36 dead calves, multiple cow parts and over 100 tags from slaughtered cows.

Peter Wiebe, the 59-year-old owner of Crocus Coulee Livestock, is charged with the following: 

  • Causing unnecessary suffering to animals;
  • Allowing animals to be in distress;
  • Unlawful disposal of dead cattle;
  • Deal in livestock or livestock products without being licenced;
  • Selling uninspected meat; and
  • Failure to label meat "uninspected - not for sale."

Wiebe has been released from custody and is scheduled to appear in Drumheller provincial court on March 24.

CTV Calgary spoke with Wiebe's wife briefly outside the property today, but she says they have no comment at this time until they consult with a lawyer.

The RCMP wouldn't tell us who made this complaint, but they do say no further charges will be laid. 

Wheatland County is located east of Calgary and includes the communities of Strathmore, Gleichen and Rockyford.

The Alberta Cattle Feeder's Association is reminding livestock owners to follow the “beef code of practice” to humanely care for animals.

"Most feedlots work with accredited vets and they know all the proper processes, so I think it's just, what can we take from this is that we need to continue to build awareness of the good practices available to our industry," said Janice Tranberg, the Alberta Cattle Feeders’ Association’s president and CEO.

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