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Alberta Premier Smith says International Energy Agency 'no longer credible'


Alberta Premier Danielle Smith is calling one of the world's premier energy research institutions "no longer credible'' after it released a report saying fossil fuel demand is likely to peak this decade.

Smith says the International Energy Agency no longer does analysis, it points to outcomes it wants and outlines paths to get there.

She says she prefers to get her information from private-sector analysts.

The International Energy Agency has 31 member countries and works with groups such as OPEC, the G20 and the United Nations in researching its reports, which make headlines around the world.

It has conducted research into energy grids, oil markets, technologies and transportation.

Its latest report, released earlier this week, concluded that under current government policies, renewables are likely to generate half the world's electricity by 2030, with three times as much investment going into wind power than fossil fuel generation.

Smith made the remarks about the International Energy Agency at the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce earlier this week.

She is speaking today at a climate change conference in Calgary.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published Oct. 26, 2023. Top Stories

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