For fans of Apple, it doesn't get any better. A large new store devoted exclusively to Apple's must have gadgets opened up Saturday at Market Mall.

The store is the ninth in Canada, and only the second in Alberta.

It features all of the products that have pushed Apple to cult status among many consumers - super-thin notebook computers, music players and cell phones.

The store's manager, Dan Klassen, says it fills a need in the Calgary market.

"Here you can actually touch and play with everything that we have and it's so much more than that. It's all the services that we offer that come down to personal shopping appointments, free workshops where you can learn about iPhones, iPods or any of our Mac computers -one-to-one training that takes place in the store, We have field trips for schools, youth workshops, I could go on all day about the services that we offer here. That's the reason people love coming to our stores.

There were line-ups all day long. Before the store even opened, 5-hundred people were waiting to get in, even though there were no discounts.

Only three other provinces in Canada, Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia have Apple retail stores.