The heightened avalanche danger has experts asking the public to re-evaluate the risks they take in the mountains.

Rocket Miller with the Lake Louise Ski Patrol says, "We've seen avalanches occur here in the last few days everywhere - in our area boundary and out of our area boundary. It has been a major avalanche cycle for all of western Canada."

More than 60 centimetres of snow have fallen on Lake Louise over the last five days. Experts say that has overloaded the bottom part of the mountain snowpack. The avalanche risk is high and signs warning of the dangers are everywhere.

Miller says just a light trigger of a skier or snowboarder would be enough to set off a slide.

"We're kind of walking on eggshells right now."

It has been a deadly winter so far. In just the last two weeks, there have been 11 avalanche deaths in the mountains of B.C. The extreme hazard has avalanche awareness experts stationed at several ski resorts offering survival tips and demonstrations.

As a precaution, avalanches are being triggered to control the uncontrollable at this time of year. Helicopters scope out danger areas and drop explosive charges to trigger avalanches.

Rick Werner, Lake Louise Manager, says there are teams of experts assessing the back country.

"We have got highly qualified trained professionals, avalanche crews and ski patrollers, who after any recent snowfall check out the mountain and make sure it's safe for skiers to go on it."

Some areas of the ski hill may be closed at times. Werner says outdoor enthusiasts should exercise caution at all times, and be aware of the risk.

"Look closely for signs and ropes, and if there's no fresh tracks in some areas right now, you better look even closer, because it probably means it's closed and you need not be in there!"