Residents of the Hidden Valley Golf Resort are devastated after discovering on Thursday that vacation property homes on the Siksika First nation, east of Calgary, were targeted by vandals.

More than a dozen cabins were damaged in the attack. Holes were punched in walls, windows were shattered, pieces of furniture were strewn about, and televisions and light bulbs were smashed.   The damaged homes are concentrated in one corner of the resort.

It appears the intention of the culprits was not to rob the homes but rather to wreak havoc with senseless destruction of the possessions of the residents.

“There have been break-ins before but nothing this serious,” says the Hidden Valley Golf Resort’s Dick Burgis.  “They've broken in and taken a few things here and there but no trashing like they have this time.  This is very devastating.”

Resort management is securing the targeted buildings, sealing broken windows to keep out the elements and cleaning up broken glass.

All of the cabin owners have been made aware of the attack.

Gleichen RCMP is investigating the vandalism.  Anyone with information on the attack is asked to contact the detachment at 403-734-3056.

With files from Bill Macfarlane