Dozens of people gathered in front of Calgary’s city hall Saturday to rally again terrorism. 

The rally comes on the same day as the terror group ISIS claims to have executed a British hostage.

Syed Soharwardy, founder of Muslims Against Terrorism and the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada said the crowd was made up of “people of all colours, all faiths, all ethnic backgrounds”.

Soharwardy said one of the goals is to let people know that “all Muslims are not terrorists. “   He also said “we condemn strongly together ISIS for using Islam to justify violence and terrorism.”

Soharwardy said “there’s a backlash against Muslims and it did happen to me yesterday”.

Friday afternoon, Soharwardy said he was confronted by a woman who was driving in the parking lot of the Genesis Centre in northeast Calgary.  Soharwardy was on his way to lead Friday prayers when he was threatened by the woman.

He says the woman tried to drive into him as he was walking, but he got out of the way the first time, however the second time the car did nudge him.

He also says the woman screamed profanity at him and called him a terrorist.

Soharwardy reported the incident to police and expects to speak with officers on Sunday.