NDP leader Jack Layton made history on Monday, becoming the first ever NDP leader to claim the title of the official Opposition Leader.

During Monday's election, the New Democratic Party captured 102 out of the 308 seats in the House of Commons.

The previous opposition party, the Liberals received just 34 seats.

Much of the NDP's rise has been due to the sudden jump of support in Quebec.

Bloq Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe was forced to battle for his position as MP in his home riding in Montreal and across the province.

The party's success can also be attributed to Layton's personal popularity.

"He's always referred to here as ‘Our boy, Jack, a good guy,'" said Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.

At NDP gatherings across the country, excitement grew among the members as the party won in several ridings across Quebec and gained more votes than high-profile MP's across the country.

A large group of NDP supporters gathered in Calgary to watching results come in.

They say they are very happy with their numbers nationally and even the number of votes they got locally.

"Tonight is a good night for the NDP locally. Locally we did fairly well. We've placed second in ones I've seen. Nationally we are ecstatic, projected at over 100 seats that's excellent for us. It's a bittersweet night though with a Conservative majority," said Christopher McMillan, NDP Calgary Centre-North Campaign Manager.

McMillian says he understands that Alberta is a base for the Conservatives but he does feel the party has made some inroads talking to Alberta voters about contentious issues like the oilsands.