CALGARY — The number of people contacting pest control about cockroaches in Calgary has increased over the last two years, according to the owner a local extermination company.

In homes, apartments and restaurants, Bill Martin, owner of Martin’s Pest Control, says he’s treated some “pretty bad” infestations.

“I’m not talking four apartments, five apartments, I’m talking 40, 50 apartments in a building that have a cockroach problem,” he told CTV News.

Alberta Health Services shut down Happy Lamb Hot Pot in Pacific Place Mall in northeast Calgary earlier this month because of a variety of health code violations, including cockroaches.

Martin says there are a few different reasons why, including the increase in popularity of buying second-hand items, and travel.

‘People are traveling more, you can get on a plane and go from one continent to the next in seven or eight hours,” he said.

“There’s a lot more sharing, you can buy a used bed, used books.”

Martin recommends calling an exterminator “right away” if you find a cockroach.