An Airdrie woman says she was shocked to find a coyote that she thought she’d struck and killed on the QEII Highway stuck in the front grille of her car.

Georgie Knox was driving to work in Calgary last week when a coyote darted in front of her car. She says she heard a ‘crunch’ and thought she’d run the animal over and killed it.

She stopped at a traffic light near Foothills Hospital and a construction worker let her know about the animal that was stuck in the front of the vehicle.

The coyote was still alive and Knox called Fish and Wildlife for help.

“I felt horrible when I realized I took him with me all the way from Airdrie. I thought he must be suffering and was going to die, so I was very upset.”

Officers assessed the animal and managed to untangle it from the vehicle.

“It was amazing just to see all kinds of people come together to save this pup’s life. The construction workers, 311 dispatchers, CPS and finally the Wildlife Enforcement Department.”

Her story and the video has gone viral on Facebook and has been shared tens of thousands of times.

The coyote suffered minor injuries in the incident and was released in the Kananaskis, away from traffic hazards.