Backcountry users are being reminded about the dangers of avalanches in the mountain parks, especially because of October’s early and record-breaking snowfall.

Officials with Kananaskis Public Safety report that there is about 40 to 50 cm of snow in the front ranges, but more is expected to fall by Monday.

Mike Kopang, a representative of the agency, says that it’s been a ‘unique year’ so far.

He adds that climbers and other backcountry users who are taking advantage of the early winter need to be careful because while daily avalanche bulletins haven’t yet started for the season, the risk is still there.

“Be thinking about the consequences of a fall and a fall with an avalanche associated with it. There’s not a lot of snow so you’re going to get raked through the rocks. It’s going to suck. So take it easy, there is no reason to go charging in; we have lots of winter.”

He says that they often see an avalanche involving an ice climber around this time of year, so that’s what prompted Sunday’s early warning.