Police have seized over 400 items from an apartment in the city’s southeast in connection to a drug trafficking investigation and three people are now facing a number of charges.

A search warrant was executed on an apartment in the 200 block of Lynnview Road S.E. last Wednesday and three occupants inside the residence were arrested.

Police seized the following items from the property:

  • Three locked safes that contained hundreds of IDs and credit cards, which are believed to have been stolen or fraudulently obtained
  • A loaded, sawed-off shotgun and more than 3,267 rounds of ammunition for a variety of calibres
  • Several large knives, an axe and a machete
  • About seven grams of methamphetamine, two grams of cocaine, five grams of heroin, one and a half grams of ketamine and seven kilograms of cannabis
  • Canada Post, Canadian military and TELUS uniforms
  • Magnetic vehicle signs used to identify a vehicle as belonging to TELUS
  • Three licence plates; one of which was reported stolen
  • Dozens of vehicle keys
  • Several debit machines and card making equipment

Police say they don’t know how the suspects obtained the uniforms or what they were using them for.

Keith Clayton Dyke, 36, is charged with 15 offences including; trafficking, possession for the purpose of trafficking, illegal possession of identity documents, weapons charges, proceeds of crime, breach of firearms prohibition and breaches of recognizance.

Melissa Sue Kaplun, 33, faces five charges related to possession for the purpose of trafficking and possession of identity documents.

Logan Cody Auest, 29, is charged with breach of a firearms prohibition.

Anyone with information about the investigation or about suspicious activity in their neighbourhood is asked to contact the Drug Tip line by phone at 403-428-8100, by email at drugstips@calgarypolice.ca or through Crime Stoppers by calling 1-800-222-8477, or online at calgarycrimestoppers.org.