The wait will finally be over for Mitch MacDonald and Theo Tams Wednesday night when a winner is announced on `Canadian Idol.'

It's been two days since Monday's final performance episode.

During that show, Tams, a student from Lethbridge earned praise for his version of Jann Arden's `Good Mother,' while MacDonald, a carpenter from Port Hood, Nova Scotia drew kudos for singing `If' by Bread.

Wednesday night's finale will feature Grammy-winner John Legend, who mentored the idols this week, pop diva Mariah Carey and last year's `Idol' champ, Brian Melo.

Tams says regardless of the outcome, he's happy to have such a great start to a career.

Updates from Lethbridge will be broadcast live from the University of Lethbridge gymnasium where up to two thousand people will be cheering for local hero Theo Tams.