A new survey shows that over half of Canadian Muslims have experienced discrimination and believe it’s on the rise.

The group Think for Actions released the survey that shows despite the discrimination, Muslims are proud to call Canada home.

“We measured integration on voting on the federal level, at the provincial level, municipal level, volunteering in organizations, donating money, food, clothing, and we figured out Muslims are well integrated into the community,” said Dr. Mukarram Zaidi, Think for Actions.

85 per cent said they have maintained their religious practices while adopting Canadian customs, but over half said they have personally experienced discrimination, such as anti-Muslim graffiti on LRT stations, leaflets posted at universities and demonstrations opposing a motion in Parliament condemning Islamophobia.

“Believe as a woman and a Canadian, that we need to stand up for our country, and the thought of bringing sharia law into Canada is terrifying,” said Laurie Donovan at a protest in Regina.

Think for Actions believes the way to counter hate is with open discussion.

“I feel those notions are all of a sudden dispelled and you can have a great two-way conversation and I think the Muslim community needs to open its doors and we are starting to see that,” said Ayesha Imran, Think for Actions.

The online survey done for 'Think for Actions' was conducted between November 2015 and March 2016. 564 Muslim Canadians responded, with 97 per cent from Calgary.

More than one in twenty Calgarians follow the Muslim faith.