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One more dance with wintry weather but it looks like it'll be a short number


Time to put the shorts away and get the coat out again as we deal with wintry weather on Tuesday.

We go from having a daytime high of 16 C on Monday to struggling to get above freezing on Tuesday.

It will come with snow, blowing snow and gusts out of the north at 60 km/h.

Below is a look at the most likely snowfall totals to expect in southern Alberta between Monday night and Wednesday morning.

There will be some localized areas that will get up to 20 centimetres of snow in parts of the foothills, with most communities getting closer to the 10- to 15-centimetre mark.

Calgary is looking at five to 10 centimetres.

For areas further to the east, less of the white stuff is expected, as it will be more of a rain event rather than a snow event because temperatures will be warmer.

The snow should taper off Wednesday morning, leaving us with stable but chilly weather for the rest of the work week.

Temperatures will climb again in time for the weekend. Top Stories

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