Parks Canada officials are looking to bring herds of bison back to Banff National Park and they’re looking for public input to help them do it.

The initiative was first announced in January 2012 to reintroduce wild plains bison to Canada’s first national park.

Officials have already met with provincial representatives, municipal governments, stakeholders, organizations, and even technical experts for input.

They’re now looking for the public’s help in the next stage of their plan to ensure that all potential impacts in the park and on neighbouring lands are addressed before proceeding.

“Parks Canada is an international leader in conservation and restoration and in providing incredible visitor experiences,” said Dave McDonough, superintendent for the Banff Field Unit in Banff National Park in a release. “We see public consultation as an opportunity for citizens to become involved in the stewardship of Canada’s first national park.”

Parks Canada says that bison were the dominant herbivores on the East Slopes of Banff for thousands of years, but have been absent since before the park was established 126 years ago.

Starting on September 9 and continuing until November 1, all Canadians are able to provide feedback on the plan to return the legendary bison to the park.

To access the plan, along with other information on the plains bison, the public are encouraged to visit the Parks Canada website. 

Comments on the plan and reintroduction can be sent to