A facebook page is being investigated by Calgary police after complaints were made about cyber bullying involving a high school in the southeast.

The page is called 'Beave Probs' and the creator has posted photos of peers and is writing what many are calling hateful comments.

It is not known who created the page but there are indications that it may be a student from Lord Beaverbrook High School.

The page has only been up for about a week and although there are 309 likes, many are expressing their anger over the photos and are demanding the page be taken down.

"I kept commenting saying, this isn't right you guys are being very immature, You’re gonna end up getting in trouble for it because everyone usually finds out who it is in the end anyway so I don't uinderstand why They’re doing it in the first place,” said Sam Hemming; former Lord Beaverbrook student.

Calgary police are investigating and officers are working with the Calgary Board of Education.

Police have notified facebook and requested that the page be taken down.

Investigators are also working with facebook to try and track down the creator and once they do there could be charges laid.

"Primarily the offence we're probably looking at is uttering threats. If we can establish that threshold of offence being committed, yes,” said CPS Sgt. Duane Lepchuck.

The founder of Bullying Awareness Week, Bill Belsey says there are some positive things that can be taken out of the situation.

“That's a really good thing so maybe slowly the message is getting out. Unfortunately there are a lot of hurtful and harmful comments here and we’ve got a long way to go,” said Belsey

He says that the overwhelming number of people who've visited the page to take a stand against the creator and the posts is a step in the right direction.

Police are reminding people that anything posted on a social networking site is available to anyone with access to the site and it's out there forever.