A new poll is hinting that it will be an interesting race when the election writ is dropped this spring and indicates that the gap between the Conservative and Wildrose has slightly closed over the last two months.

The poll, commissioned by ThinkHQ Public Affairs Inc., shows that the Tories are still the party to beat but support for the Wildrose continues to grow.

The Tories now have 42 percent of voters support provincially and the Wildrose has 29.

The NDP is sitting at 13 percent while the current opposition Liberals have 12 and the Alberta Party has two percent.

In Calgary, the race is tighter and the PCs and Wildrose are separated by just six percent.

The PCs have 41 percent, the Wildrose has 35, the Liberals have 14, the NDP have seven and the Alberta Party sits at one percent.

When it comes to party leaders, Alison Redford is on top with a 53 percent approval rating.

Danielle Smith gets 43 percent, Raj Sherman garnered 27 percent and 29 percent prefer Brian Mason.

The poll says the premier is more popular than her party.

"She is definitely polling ahead of the party. That's one of the challenges she's going to have going through the campaign. For the most part Albertans are giving the premier pretty good grades actually," Marc Henry, from ThinkHQ Public Affairs Inc.

The poll surveyed 1400 people and has a margin of error of 2.6 percent