Several house fires over the past week have many people reviewing their fire escape plans with their families.

Fire officials say it doesn’t take long for a fire to become deadly and that’s exactly what happened in Varsity last week after an early morning blaze claimed the life of a Calgary wife and mother.

Another fire on Monday morning left a Falconridge couple and their five children homeless after their rental home was completely destroyed.

Officials say it is crucial to have a well thought out fire plan and to prepare and practice just in case a fire breaks out in your home.

Fire plan tips:

  1. Develop an escape plan that includes two exits out of each room
  2. Keep exits free of toys, furniture and clutter
  3. Assign a family member to assist other children or family members with limited mobility
  4. Practice the escape plan at least twice per year
  5. Pick a safe place to meet outside
  6. Make sure all family members know the fire department’s emergency number
  7. Make sure your house number is clearly visible so crews can find your house
  8. Make sure smoke alarms are working and placed on every level of the home
  9. Replace fire alarms that are over ten years old

Reducing home hazards:

  1. Make sure cooking areas are free of flammable materials
  2. Keep space heaters away from combustible materials
  3. Regular inspections of chimneys, fireplaces and wood stoves
  4. Candles in candle holders and make sure they are out at the end of the night or before you leave your home
  5. Keep matches and lighters away from children
  6. Make sure electrical cords are in good condition, no frays or breaks
  7. Keep flammable materials in safe containers in a ventilated area
  8. Properly extinguish and dispose of smoking materials
  9. Make sure appliance vents are not blocked

For additional information on developing a home escape plan, visit the City of Calgary website.

Click here for a Home Fire Safety Checklist that you can use at home.