The Mormon Church is offering a rare glimpse into one of its most sacred places, the new temple in northwest Calgary.

Construction of the massive structure recently finished and tours are being offered to the public over the next several weeks.

Church spokespeople say there is often speculation about the secretive nature of their temples, which can only be accessed by church members, and they wanted to dispel the myths.

Public open house tours are free but require reservations.  The tours will take place between September 29 and October 20 and reserved tour spots are available by calling 1-855-537-2000.

The temple, located at 9802 Rock Ridge Rd. N.W., is the 140th Mormon Temple in the world.

The church says Calgary is an ideal location for a temple as more than 25,000 Mormons live in the area which is the highest Mormon concentration of any Canadian city.

Scheduled tours will be offered until the temple is officially dedicated next month.