One Calgary teacher who instructs her students in not only letters and numbers, but life lessons as well, is CTV's inspirational Albertan of the week.

For the past 19 years, Elizabeth Mackie has been the one and only teacher at a Jamie's Preschool.

The preschool provides learning and support for children facing cancer, blood disorders, and other critical illness.

Mackie says she has taught her students more than just the ABC's, but helped them through some of life's harsh realities.

"We have walked through some very challenging times and things that we were hoping would turn out different and they didn't," she says.

One challenge Mrs. Mackie faces is making everything seem normal.

"It's the children, the children and the moms and the dads," Mackie says. "They've been my inspiration to stay with this and to see them grow up and move on in their lives and just how they've persevered through some hard, hard days."

People who work with Mrs. Mackie admire her both as a teacher and a person.

"Not only does she care for the children but she cares for the families as well," says Cheryl Hamm, parent.

Gordon Laird, School Board Member, says he can't imagine the school without Mackie, but unfortunately that will soon be a reality.

Mackie is planning to retire soon. Laird says her shoes will be difficult to fill.

"We don't just do school, it's community building, it's engagement, it's reducing people's isolation, it's making connections in a world of childhood cancer," he says.

For all she has done for children and parents at Jamie's Pre-school, this teacher is CTV's inspiring Albertan of the week.