Some city councilors want to bring back fluoride in Calgary’s water based on a report that shows cavities in children are on the rise.

City council voted to stop adding fluoride to the water supply in 2011, but a report is causing some councilors to reconsider. The University of Calgary study shows the number of cavities in children has spiked since fluoride was removed. Edmonton has continued to fluoridate, and has seen no such spike.

“I hope that they learn and understand what a mistake they had made and how the children of the city are suffering because of it,” said Dr. Leonard Smith, a dentist who is an advocate for fluoridation. “I hope that they'll learn that this disease is epidemic in proportion and that there's no need for the children to be suffering this way.”

Councillors Richard Pootmans and Diane Colley-Urquhart support a motion for council to hold meetings with the U of C experts who completed the study back in February.

“I'm hoping my colleagues will be persuaded to look at the situation once again and then from there, the bigger challenge may be, depending on the results, whether or not we go for fluoridation or perhaps other alternatives will emerge," said Pootmans.

Among Calgarians, opinions are split about whether or not to re-start fluoridation.

“I think it'd be a good idea to bring it back in so it lessens having to get alternative ways of providing for fluoride for children,” said one Calgarian.

“Absolutely stay out. That stuff is dangerous. There's enough evidence, enough documented proof of how dangerous fluoride is and how it's not really necessary,” said another.

The issue will come before council next week.