The traffic light which plagued commuters traveling from eastbound Bow Trail onto northbound Crowchild Trail will not be reinstalled following positive feedback for the city’s temporary solution.

During construction of the west leg of the LRT, the traffic signals at the intersection of the Bow Trail offramp and 10 Ave S.W. were disabled and drivers were unable to make a left hand turn onto westbound 10 Ave.

All traffic exiting off Bow Trail were required to make a right hand turn onto eastbound 10 Ave. S.W. and drivers wanting to enter northbound Crowchild Trail would turn around using a marked detour.

“It's not a common solution in Calgary traffic to see a sort of a roundabout like that put off to the side of the road,” says Peter Jacoby, City of Calgary Transportation. “That's why we were imagining it as temporary.”

The temporary solution has proven so successful the city has decided to make the route change permanent.

More than 10,000 vehicles pass through the intersection each day.