2017 will be a year of change for the United Way of Calgary as, for the first time in five years, Lucy Miller will not be at the helm as she has stepped down as president and CEO.

Mill took the reins at the beginning of 2012 after serving as Chief Superintendent for the Calgary Catholic School District and led the United Way during the latter stages of Alberta's most recent boom and the province’s most recent bust.

She says her time with the United Way has been amazing.

“I moved here ten years ago and then had two wonderful opportunities, the Calgary Catholic School District as the chief and then here as the president and CEO,” said Miller. “I think what I've learned in these ten years in Calgary is there's no city like Calgary.”

During her time with the United Way, Miller instituted the practice of releasing detailed impact reports allowing donors the opportunity to see the full impact of their charitable donations.

Among the farewell gifts Miller received from her staff was an impact report similar to the ones she had prepared. The gift report illustrated Miller’s and the United Way’s accomplishments during her five years as CEO.

Miller’s successor, Karen Young, was hired by Miller in 2014 to serve as the United Way’s chief operating officer. Young had been the City of Calgary's director of community and neighbourhood services.

On January 1, 2017, Young will take over as the United Way’s CEO. Young says working alongside Miller has been an incredible experience.

“We've been so likeminded in terms of what we want for our city because we  both believe in a great city for everyone,” said Young. “I feel very fortunate that, at this point in my career, I was able to be mentored by a woman.”

For her contributions during her tenure as the United Way’s CEO, Lucy Miller is this week’s Inspiring Albertan.