CALGARY -- Students at the University of Calgary can expect to return to campus for the upcoming semester as vaccination numbers in Alberta continue to climb.

University of Calgary president and vice-chancellor Dr. Ed McCauley announced Thursday that plans are in place for the gradual return to in-person learning this fall.

"We have hit some significant milestones in terms of public vaccination," said McCauley in a statement. "As the number of vaccinated people grows, health guidelines around physical distancing and public gatherings can finally ease. This is what enables us to safely begin moving back to campus for the fall."

School officials say some staff members will be eased back into campus life beginning in the summer and building through the fall as students begin to return. Specific plans for how individual classes will be offered are currently being formulated.

"Safety remains UCalgary's top priority as we return to our campus."

The return to campus is being done in accordance with health guidelines and takes into account scientific research and provincial vaccination rates.

The university made the move to primarily online learning ahead of the 2020 fall semester, and remote learning remained in place through the recent winter and spring terms.