CALGARY -- A Calgary woman says she's in shock after her dog was attacked and killed by another dog in Thorncliffe this week.

Rikki Segall was out with her five-year-old pooch Athena Wednesday evening when she says a dog "came out of nowhere" and grabbed her pet.

"I screamed for help and everyone came running," Segall told CTV News. "(Then) I tried to pull the dog off of her and I ended up on the ground because the dog was so heavy."

Segall says the struggle lasted only a few moments but, by the time the man with the other dog had pulled it off, "the damage was already done."

Athena was taken to a veterinarian for emergency surgery, but the dog died early Thursday morning.

Segall says the man with the other dog did not remain on scene.

Bylaw officers were able to eventually locate him. A spokesperson said on Saturday that two separate tickets were issued for having a dog at large and for damage to an animal causing death.

They both require a mandatory court appearance.

The other dog, which Segall calls a "vicious animal" and says resembled a pit bull, is currently being held in a shelter.

"I was told he was given a fine of $350 and the dog was seized," Segall said. "That’s not enough. (Athena) was my absolute best friend."

Segall’s mother also believes the penalty is not harsh enough.

"It’s on the owners," Layna Segall said. "I’ve rescued (another dog) and it’s on me to make sure he doesn’t bite anybody."

Segall says she’s now stuck with a vet bill that's 10 times the amount the other owner needs to pay for a fine.

"We’re numb," her mother said. "My daughter is not doing well."

Both women hope there’s a lesson for others to learn about owning dogs.

They point to the City of Calgary’s Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw Review as a way change can be made.

That’s a chance for Calgarians to voice their opinions on potential improvements to animal bylaws in the city.

A lot of the questions surround "nuisance" dogs, with pit bulls being mentioned multiple times.

Some of the survey’s questions ask whether pit bull owners should have additional insurance, whether the dogs should have to be muzzled in public, or whether they should even be allowed in off-leash parks.

The survey is available online.