Calgarians have some big decisions to make as Canada’s 43rd Federal Election campaign officially begins on Wednesday. 

There are 10 seats up for grabs in Calgary. The city has historically voted conservative, but elected two Liberal members of parliament in the last 2015 election. 

Kent Hehr, was elected in the riding of Calgary-Centre by less than 1000 votes in a victory over Conservative Joan Crockatt, who previously held the seat from 2012 to 2015. 

Hehr took office and was named Minister of Veterans Affairs. He was then shuffled to Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities before resigning from a cabinet position in January of 2018 after allegations of workplace misconduct surfaced from when he was an Alberta MLA for Calgary-Buffalo. 

The other Liberal elected in 2015 was Darshan Kang. Just two years later in 2017, he was found by his peers to have sexually harassed a member of his office staff. 

An all-party committee ordered Kang to go to conciliation and training over founded allegations of sexual harassment. 

Kang apologized to the victim for unintentionally causing her difficulty and left the Liberal caucus to sit as an independent last summer after a staffer alleged he had sexually harassed and assaulted her. 

Running in Kang’s place for the Liberals in Calgary-Skyview this time around will be former broadcaster Nirmala Naidoo. She will take on Calgary lawyer Jag Sahota who will run for the Conservatives. 

Calgarians head to the polls alongside the rest of the nation on October 21. 

Here is a full list of Calgary ridings and candidates for the 43rd Federal Election: 


  • Kent Hehr, Liberal
  • Greg McLean, Conservative 
  • Unknown, NDP
  • Thana Boonlert, Green
  • Chevy R. Johnston, PPC
  • Eden Gould, APPC
  • David Pawlowski, CHP

Calgary Confederation 

  • Jordan Stein, Liberal 
  • Len Webber, Conservative 
  • Unknown, NDP 
  • Natalie AM Odd, Green
  • Colin C. Korol, PPC
  • Jamie Bockmuehl, Rhino

Calgary Forest Lawn 

  • Jag Anand, Liberal 
  • Jasraj S. Hallan, Conservative
  • Joseph M. Pimlott, NDP
  • William Carnegie, Green
  • Dave Levesque, PPC
  • Esther Sutherland, CHP

Calgary Heritage

  • Scott Forsyth, Liberal 
  • Bob Benzen, Conservative 
  • Unknown, NDP
  • Unknown, Green
  • Stephanie Hoeppner, PPC
  • Larry Heather, CHP

Calgary Midnapore 

  • Unknown, Liberal 
  • Stephanie Kusie, Conservative
  • Unknown, NDP
  • Unknown, Green
  • Edward Gao, PPC 

Calgary Nose Hill

  • Josephine Tsang, Liberal
  • Michelle Rempel, Conservative
  • Unknown, NDP
  • Jocelyn Grosse, Green
  • Kelly G. Lorencz, PPC

Calgary Rocky Ridge 

  • Todd Kathol, Liberal 
  • Pat Kelly, Conservative
  • Unknown, NDP
  • Catriona M. Wright, Green
  • Tyler Poulin, PPC
  • Andrew Cho, Rhino

Calgary Shepard

  • Del Arnold, Liberal 
  • Tom Kmiec, Conservative 
  • Unknown, NDP 
  • Evelyn Tanaka, Green
  • Kyle B.A. Scott, PPC
  • Dagan Borrowman, Rhino

Calgary Signal Hill

  • Ghada Alatrash, Liberal
  • Ron Liepert, Conservative
  • Unknown, NDP
  • Josh Drozda, Green
  • Gordon Squire, PPC

Calgary Skyview 

  • Nirmala Naidoo, Liberal 
  • Jagdeep Sahota, Conservative 
  • Gurinder Singh Gill, NDP
  • Unknown, Green
  • Harinder Dhillon, PPC
  • Joseph Alexander, CHP