A Calgary man is basking in his new found wealth after winning Friday’s Lotto Max jackpot worth $30 million but he has yet to come forward to claim the big prize.

Lottery officials have confirmed that the $30 million ticket was purchased in Calgary and is a single ticket.

The winning numbers from the Friday, February 15, 2013 draw were: 14 - 23 - 24 - 25 - 28 - 41 -45 and the Bonus was 37

The winning ticket is the largest lottery payout in Calgary’s history.

The man who won checked his ticket at the Petro-Canada in Marda Loop on Saturday while waiting for a tattoo at a nearby shop.

Scott Johnson stopped into the station to pick up a newspaper and says the man was standing at the counter checking his ticket when he walked in.

“He was all excited and I said so what’s going on? He goes, I just won. I said, well how much did you win and he said $30 million,” said Johnson.

Johnson says the man showed him the ticket and confirmation.

“He asked me, should I call my wife? She’s out shopping and I told him no, you’d better not, she’s probably gonna get in an accident or something on the way home,” said Scott Johnson.

Johnson says the man was shaking and that the staff and other customers were very excited for him.

The owner of the winning ticket has one year to claim the prize.