When it comes to planning their big day, many soon-to-be weds are considering scaling back on costs, hiring local vendors, and focusing on what truly matters during tough economic times.

Organizers of Sunday’s Bridal Fantasy: The Boutique Bridal Show at the Telus Convention Centre have noticed a decrease in the popularity of destination weddings.

“The trend seems to be that it’s more stay at home, not going too far away, and the emphasis is with the family,” said Jim Dewing, director of business relations   “People can’t afford to have all of their family go to a lot of the destination weddings.”

Dewing says people want to celebrate the start of their lives together. Many are willing to spend to make their event special but special offers and discounts, like those offered at bridal show, are becoming increasingly popular.

“It is a really good opportunity for them to save.”

Rebecca Allen has been engaged for only a week and has already been touring possible venues.

While plummeting oil prices and the struggling dollar have not had a direct impact on her or her future husband’s careers, Allen says current economic challenges have affected their plans.

“We are being more cost conscious and we’re thinking of people in Calgary,” explains Allen. “We’re not going out of town, we’re staying local, trying to buy local, and keep it a Calgary event for everyone.”

One aspect of wedding that appears to be immune to cost cutting is guest lists. According to the organizers of Sunday’s bridal show, the average number of invited guests is not seeing a decrease.

With files from CTV’s Rahim Ladhani