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Winter in the Woods Festival warms up Bragg Creek


Bragg Creek residents braved the cold Saturday to raise money for a local hot-spot. 

The second annual Winter in the Woods festival was held inside -- out of -- of the hamlet's community centre. 

The family friendly event included activities ranging from mini-sticks to music. You could even take a pony ride or try your hand at human curling. 

"Winter in the Woods Festival is just a celebration of Alberta and all things winter," organizer Brian Robertson said. 

"It's an amazing opportunity for us to come out and meet our neighbours in Bragg Creek and just to celebrate the season," resident Terri-Lynn Duque added. 

The by-donation event was centred on fun and games, but there was also a nearby sheet of ice that'll benefit. 

"We are out here trying to raise money to resurface the rink," Robertson said. "It hasn't been resurfaced since '05."

Almost 2,000 people showed up for the first iteration of the festival, and their donations helped update and maintain the rink and its fencing. 

The goal this year was to bring in even more money to improve what some consider the heart of Bragg Creek. 

"It's a big beacon for the community," volunteer Justin Duque said. "It's an important piece to keep everyone out here all year long."

The event was paid for, in part, by a local developer who wants more people to notice his community. 

"Bragg Creek is the most beautiful place," Gateway Developments Dick Koetsier said. "We have to celebrate what we've got."

In total, the association is hoping to raise $40,000 this year to resurface the rink. To learn more, contact organizersat Top Stories

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