A number of people who were at a Calgary nightclub on the night when a Stampeder player was fatally shot testified in court on Wednesday.

Nelson Lugela, 21, is charged with second-degree murder in the death of Mylan Hicks, a member of the Calgary Stampeders’ practice roster.

Hicks was allegedly shot by Lugela outside the Marquee Beer Market on September 25, 2016. Hicks later died in hospital.

On Wednesday, the court heard from witnesses who were at the Marquee on the night when Hicks was killed.

A woman identified Lugela as the same individual who was acting aggressively towards other patrons, bumping into them and shouting at a number of the guests, many of whom were members of the CFL team.

She said that he was ‘aggressive and acted like he was untouchable’.

The woman added that she was shocked when she heard the pair of gunshots outside the club and news of Hicks’ death.

“I was shocked. It’s not supposed to happen here,” she told the court.

During cross-examination, the defence questioned the witness about what she saw and determined that she only saw the accused's behaviour while he was inside the club. Therefore, she could not positively identify him as the shooter.

Earlier this week, the trial heard from members of the Calgary Stampeders who saw Mylan Hicks get shot twice following a fight that took place outside the club.

Derek Dennis told the court that he and Jamal Nixon went over to help their teammate and found a bullet hole in his chest.

He told the court that the shooter got into a vehicle with two other people and drove away.

On Tuesday, the court heard testimony from Stampeder Jerome Messam, who said that a problem had arisen between three people and Rene Paredes and his wife. The trio was bothering him and Hicks had nothing to do with the situation.

The trial, by judge alone, is scheduled to take two weeks. The Crown plans to call 33 witnesses.

Lugela has pleaded not guilty in Hicks’ death.

(With files from Alesia Fieldberg and The Canadian Press)