Following the discovery of a turkey carcass and other human food along the Bow Valley Parkway, Parks Canada officials are reminding the public of the dangers wildlife encounters with humans pose for the animals.

On Sunday, January 5, a Parks Canada warden located food remains scattered on Highway 1A and three vehicles of photographers snapping pictures of a wolf eating at the side of the road.

The warden successfully chased the wolf into the brush and removed the remainder of the food from the roadside.

The photographers will not face charges after they stated they were not responsible for the litter.

Human wildlife conflict specialists say the baiting of an animal is a dangerous act which could prove fatal for the wolf.

According to Steve Michel of Parks Canada, wild animals may develop a taste for human food and attempt to aggressively seek it out, which could force park officials to destroy the animal.

“What was disappointing to us is they were all taking photographs, they were all aware that it was human food that was there, and none of them had taken the step of calling parks Canada to report the matter to us so that we could investigate and clean it up very promptly,” said Michel.

If you spot something that doesn't look right in a national park call the warden's office at 1-888-927-3367 (WARDENS).

The unlawful feeding of wildlife in a national park carries a fine of up to $25,000.

With files from CTV's Kevin Fleming