As part of the first annual World Homeless Day, more than 2,000 people who live or have lived on the streets were treated to two free meals: a pancake breakfast in the morning and a barbecue in the afternoon.

Homeless Awareness Calgary and dozens of volunteers organized the event to shine the light on those living in poverty and on the streets.

"One way to do that is to bring together those who are experiencing homelessness with those who are housed. And people then get to see the humanity behind the person, on both sides," said Bonnie Malach with Homeless Awareness Calgary.

"It just gives everybody a sense of hope that there are people out there who actually care about them. There are so many volunteers here today and so many people. We just want people to know that they're not the forgotten right. I think that's the key," added Perry McGeough with Tao Events.

Those who have lived on the street, like Patrick Cluff, say an event like this shows people care.

"This way here it tells people yeah, these are human beings. Treat them with a little respect because they'll respect you right back bigger than you'll ever think," commented Cluff.

Mykonos Restaurant helped with the event. It used to host a Thanksgiving dinner every year until the owner passed away from cancer.