The Canadian Avalanche Centre has issued a special avalanche warning for the interior of British Columbia.

The warning period will last throughout the weekend and will impact a widespread area including Revelstoke, Nakusp and Invermere.

The danger has been rated high for a while and there have been a lot of avalanches cycling thorugh the area.

Officials say while slide activity is slowly decreasing there is still a significant risk of large, destructive avalanches.

"There are still several weak layers in the snowpack that can easily be triggered by the weight of a person on skis or snowmobile. Those avalanches will likely be much larger and more destructive than what we were seeing only a few days ago," says Karl Klassen from the CAC.

All backcountry users are asked to stay on low angle, simple terrain during the warning.

Conditions are not expected to improve until next week when cooler weather arrives.