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95-year-old George Carey still taking his cue from the pool table


George Carey has been playing billiards for a long time.  He first picked up a cue when he was 12 years old.

That would have been 1939 or so.

83 years later, Carey is still setting them up and knocking them down.  Carey says he loves the challenge.

"Let’s put it this way," he said.

"It's a job and a half to control that ball."


Carey resides in Tudor Manor in Okotoks and if you want to find him it's a good bet he'll be spending some time around the pool table.  But he says he doesn't have many opponents.

"When I get the chance to play I play," he said.

"Often I come down here and there's nobody playing and you can't beat yourself," he lsays, laughing.


If you're a Carey you were born to play billiards.  George has passed on his skills to all of his children and grandchildren.

His son Bill says it was great to learn from his dad.

"You know he was 12 when he started and I was 12 when I started," he said.

"Then I taught my kids and he taught my kids and so on and so forth so it's been fantastic."

Grandson Trace says everyone knows George in Okotoks and that he's a walking legend.

He says he's learned a lot from him over the years.

"Lots about this sport for sure.  Definitely not to play it like a shotgun so that's always a good thing," he said.

"I don't know just lots of values with it.  It was pretty good to be honest."


George is still competitive and doesn't like to lose.  He says there's only one problem with passing down all those skills.

"Yeah now they're beating me," he laughed.


George is celebrating a big birthday this week.  He turned 95 on Wednesday and it was perfect timing.

His birthday coincides with the start of the annual George Carey nine ball billiards tournament.

49 players signed up right away to take part and his grandson Joel has already advanced to the final which will be played on Saturday.

"It would be great to get my name on there (the trophy) again.  It felt good the last time so it would be great," he said.

"That would be just minor, that's secondary compared to just being here," Joel says. "Yep that's the most important thing.

"It's great," he says. "Not many people can say they can play a game of pool with their 95-year-old grandparent."


George is also going to play in the tournament and he's going there to win.   When asked if he's going to kick some butt? George replied "I'm going to try."

The Careys all say the best thing about the tournament is the whole family gets to spend time together.

They also give back to the community.  Money raised from the event goes to the Okotoks Food Bank. Top Stories

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