Beginning this September, Alberta’s lowest hourly earners are set to make more each hour following the province’s announcement of increases to the minimum wage.

On September 1, 2014 Alberta’s minimum wage will increase to:

  • $10.20 per hour for employees not serving alcohol (current min. wage $9.95)
  • $9.20 per hour for employees serving liquor (current liquor serving min. wage $9.05)

The province’s decision to increase the minimum wage is based on a formula which takes into consideration increase in the Average Weekly Earnings (AWE) and the Consumer Price Index (CPI) in Alberta.

Approximately 1.5 per cent of working Albertans (25,700 people) are paid minimum wages.

“While Alberta has the lowest percentage of employees earning minimum wage in the country, these individuals form an important part of our workforce,” said Kyle Fawcett, Alberta’s Minister of Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour. “Many work in the service and retail sectors and are gaining the experience they need to succeed. These changes will give them a modest increase while keeping the viability of their employers in mind as well.”

Across Canada, 6.8 per cent of employees earn minimum wage. In Ontario, 9.1 per cent of employees are paid the minimum, the largest percentage of minimum wage earners amongst the provinces.

For more information on the province’s minimum wage, visit Alberta employment standards.