The Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation is putting the call out for donations of fresh branches to feed two hungry moose calves in its care.

The organization takes in injured and orphaned wildlife at its facility, located near the hamlet of Madden.

The facility is asking anyone who is cutting trees over the next few weeks to donate any extra branches to keep the pair fed.

"Some branch trimmings, if they're doing any fall trimming of their trees (would be great)," said Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation Engagement Coordinator Katrina Jansen. "Especially native species like willow, poplar, aspen...and their favourite of all is Saskatoon branches."

The institute says the branches need to be freshly cut, as the nutrients and sugars are key to the calves' diet.

Also, don't worry about there being too much to eat, said, Rehabilition Manager Erin Casper.

"They gain a kilogram per day, so you can imagine how much food they go through," Casper said. "We can have a pile that's probably twice as tall as me, easily, in a day and they'll eat through that in no time."

AIWC says the calves could be released back into the wild in the spring.

"We will release them together, because they're tightly bonded," Jansen said, "and usually, moose don't leave their parents until they are about two years old."

People can drop branches off at the centre every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

For more information on the initiative, visit the AIWC on Facebook.