CALGARY – Parks Canada is reminding residents in the mountain parks about some important things to keep in mind, especially when Halloween is quickly coming up.

In a post on Twitter, Banff National Park posted an image of a deer taking advantage of one resident's decorations that it saw as little more than an quick snack.

Officials suggest that instead of residents placing pumpkins outside, they should put them inside their homes and out of reach of wildlife.

According to Banff National Park's website, there is a chance that wildlife could become accustomed to food sources when they are left so close to homes and that would end up being a big problem.

Earlier this year, the Town of Canmore introduced higher fines for residents in the community who neglect to remove fruit and other attractants from their yards to prevent wildlife incursion.

Homeowners now face fines from $100 to $250 if they don't follow the rules.

However, town council has also made it a little easier for people to afford removing unwanted fruit trees by offered to cover half the cost up to a maximum of $300.