CALGARY -- It was a weekend to remember for the U of C Dinos Women’s soccer team, when they experienced both the thrill of victory and the agony of losing their team jerseys, when the player of the game had her car stolen from the driveway of her house.

The thrilling part came when the Dinos outscored UBC 1-0 to claim their first Canada West title in 14 years, a moment Dino midfielder Taylor Dangerfield says felt amazing.

“It meant so much to the team. We're constantly in training and meetings were always (spent) talking about getting the banner,” she said. “This is my fifth year (on the team), and to do it in my fifth year was amazing.”

What wasn’t amazing is what happened after they got back to Calgary.

Kelsie MacDonald was the player of the game, a team honour that comes with the job of washing the jerseys after the game.

Accordingly, MacDonald loaded them into her car and took them home, which seemed reasonable.

“Our player of the game for the conference championship had them at home,"said Assistant Athletic Director Ben Matchett, in an interview with CTV.

"They were in her car and her car was stolen out of her driveway,” Matchett added. “So the team heads to nationals tomorrow without their white jerseys.”

The jerseys won’t mean much to the thief or thieves but mean a lot to the Dinos. After all, they wore them to win the Canada West Championship game, and now they're going to play for the national championship.

Dangerfield would like to see them returned, no questions asked.

“Return them, anywhere," she said. "We would love to have our jerseys back."

The missing jerseys have left the university athletics department scrambling to find uniforms for the Dino's women to wear in the nationals.

Normally a custom jersey would take six to eight weeks to arrive from the factory, but in this case, they don't have nearly that much time: their next game is Thursday night, in Victoria.

Matchett says their partner Nike is doing all they can to get some new white jerseys.

“Nike is turning around a new set out of some stock they had," he said. "Hopefully they’re sending that straight to Victoria so hopefully we’ll have that by the time game time rolls around Thursday night but it’s a pretty quick turnaround for sure."

Matchett says theCalgary Flames have also reached out and so has Canada Soccer to do whatever they can to help. The Dino’s women’s team leaves for Victoria Tuesday.

The men’s team is also battling for a national title. They head to Montreal on Tuesday to compete in that championship.