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‘Builds character a lot in the room’: Calgary U 18 Buffaloes proving blondes have more fun


These puck-lucky blondes hope their team-building bleach job turns a trek to Nova Scotia into even more fun than they're already having.

It’s a tradition that’s being going on for years: The Calgary U 18 Buffaloes bleaching their hair blonde before the playoffs.

For players like forward Diego Cazac it’s all about bringing the team together.

“Exactly because everyone is doing it,” said the 17- year-old.

“It’s a team (building) thing for sure," he added, "and it builds character a lot in the room as well I think.”

A deal is a deal

Even their head coach Brent Harrison got into the act this year.  He says he dyed his hair blonde as part of a deal he made with the team.”

“I told the boys that if they made it to the Telus Cup I’d dye my hair," Harrison said. "I had to be a man of my word and go through with it.”

Players had doubts

Forward Townes Kozicky, 15,  wasn’t sure Harrison would actually go through with it.

“I had my doubts,” he said.

“I thought maybe but it turns out he actually did so it’s pretty awesome.”

“I think it looks pretty good actually," Kozicky added.  "I didn’t think it was the worst hair on our team but yeah I think it looks pretty good.”

Heading to Nova Scotia

The Buffs will take their blonde locks to Nova Scotia this weekend for the Telus Cup.  Forward Talen Lewis, 17, says it’s an exciting time for the Buffs.

“I think we’re feeling pretty good,” he said.

“Our work has been consistent right from the start of the year.  Everything we’ve been doing and just working hard and trying to get better as a team.  I think we’re feeling pretty good, the confidence is high and we’re happy to represent.”

First time opponents

Playing in the Telus Cup can be a challenge because you know nothing about your opponent.  You can scout them using video but you’ve never played against them.

Cazac says you can’t go in feeling over confident.

“You kind of go with a mindset and just assume they’re the best team in the world,” he said.

“You don’t want to underestimate them at all.  You don’t want to come out looking short or anything you’ve got to do your best out there.”

Feature game

The Buffs will get the hosts right off the bat, when they face the Sydney Rush on Monday night.  Harrison says it’s going to be fun.

“I’m sure there will be a big crowd and there’s probably a few ceremonies and stuff with opening ceremonies going on.  They’re honouring one of their older teams that went to the Telus Cup years ago so it should be an exciting first game and we should be ready.”

Here’s a look at the Buffaloes schedule


Calgary Buffaloes vs Sydney Rush


Calgary Buffaloes vs Kensington Wild


Calgary Buffaloes vs Markham Waxers


Calgary Buffaloes vs Brandon Wheat Kings


Calgary Buffaloes vs Cantonniers de Magog

The top four teams will play in the semi finals on Saturday.  The bronze and gold medal games will be played on Sunday April 28th. Top Stories

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