Two artists who met at the Calgary Drop-in Centre over two years ago are creating a series of paintings with a reconciliation theme.

Ian Kroll and Sam Bighetty met at the centre’s art program. Kroll volunteered and Bighetty has been a client at the Drop-in Centre for more than a decade.

When the art program ended in 2017 the two decided to combine their efforts and styles to make art.

Kroll creates abstract images by pouring acrylic paint and Bighetty then takes those pieces and adds his First Nations' touch.

Now the artists are focusing on a reconciliation theme through a series of paintings.

Bighetty started that journey recently by creating illustrations for a soon-to-be released book.

The book ‘The Spiritual Journey Behind The Four Directions Of Reconciliation’ is a collaboration with non-Indigenous author Joey Podlubny who has spent the last 10 years travelling to reserves to understand what reconciliation looks like as a non-Indigenous Canadian.

The book is about reconciliation within yourself; it’s what you believe to be true with your own gifts, strengths and weaknesses.

Podlubny shares 18 short stories about his experiences that shape his spiritual understanding of himself and his relationship with First Nations.

Sam interpreted and illustrated the book. His black and white drawings illustrate the spiritual nature of the stories and lead us further down the inward path.

More can be learned about Ian Kroll and his artwork HERE.