CALGARY – A Calgary mother who injured her tailbone at an indoor play park is sharing her story in hopes of warning other parents of the potential dangers.

Sabiha Sumra brought her five-year-old son to KidzGo last week. She says she felt her clothing snag on something while going down a slide but didn’t realize until she got out of the ball bin at the bottom that she was bleeding.

“My son had mentioned that he could see blood,” said Sumra.

Kidz Go offered to call an ambulance but Sumra declined. According to the owner,  staff inspected the slide but nothing out of the ordinary was found.

“Especially when they're coming in and signing a waiver or any other documents that tells you that there are inherent risks. It alerts people in the facility to take better care of themselves at times,”  said owner David Jung, who told CTV News the equipment is inspected daily.

“It is an industry that is playing a bit of catch up in terms of the fact that these are available for people to use and not yet in a process where you can sort of give a check mark of that stamp of approval,” said Pamela Fuselli, the CEO of Parachute, an injury prevention organization.

Fuselli recommends parents take a close look at equipment before letting children play.

That was a step Sumra didn’t take in this case, but she plans on in it in the future and hopes other parents do the same.

"Please before you take your kid down a slide check it,  because I don't want any other kid to go through what I went through. As an adult I'm in so much pain, I can only imagine if it happened to a kid."